Happiness is Bad

27th September 2020

I put to you that happiness is an addictive drug that can lead you away from yourself.

If one is happy what motivation does one have to strive for better? If one is comfortable what motivation does one have to move? If one is satiated what motivation does one have to hunt?

The fact is that happiness and comfort are sedatives that make people stupid and slow.

When are you more productive? When you've eaten a huge meal with a dessert or when you've eaten only what you need? I know for me it's the latter.

Who expresses their personality more faithfully: the person who tries to "fit in" so that they can have a safe community of friends with the same opinions as them? Or the person who keeps a bit of social distance to allow them to have their own, independent opinions?

I remember growing up I was given all sorts of advise from family, friends and teachers on how to make my life easier or make me safer or how to achieve long-term happiness.

All of these are distractions that take you away from yourself.

My message today is that it's better to focus on knowing yourself than on achieving happiness, comfort or safety.