Spurn the computer game industry

15th January 2017

I am so angry about the computer games industry, and here's why:

a gaming-fetish graphics card

Therefore, I spurn the computer games industry and only play games which are Free Software, non-resource-bloated, and cross-platform (that means they don't require bullshit like Windows and Steam).

My new gaming PC

Since my 9-year-old computer is in need of replacement, I am building a new one this year. Here is how I will spec it:

a sensible memory stick & a gaming-fetish memory stick

Take action!

A roman wrote that the only thing people need to be happy is bread and games. TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR GAMES!

Find Free Software games on The Free Software Directory, and let the computer games industry and their over-priced fetish-hardware languish!

screenshots from Wesnoth and TeeWorlds
Wesnoth and TeeWorlds.