My quibbles with the BBC news website

16th November 2014

a small screenshot from the BBC news website

I go to BBC news at irregular intervals, sometimes 3 days since last time, sometimes 10 days. Now obviously when I go there I want to find out the most important stuff that's happened since I last went there.

But it just shows me today's news... So something extremely important could have happened a couple of days ago and I wouldn't even know about it.

This is stupid. The whole point of computers is that they're supposed to be interactive and helpful.

Furthermore there should be a way to customise my home-page to show me categories of stuff I'm most interested in (without having to manually click through all the pages at the top).

Here I outline a design that I think would do the job.

So I call upon the BBC to please update their eighteen-hundreds-style website to provide us with a 21st century experience. Thankyou.