7th March 2023

On God

A concise argument for believing in God.

10th September 2021

The COVID overreaction makes us look like spineless sentimentalists

We appear to live in a society that will over-react to an unlimited degree to anything that plays on our emotions.

9th September 2021

Some thoughts on NextCloud

Some thoughts on the logistics of storing your data in a self-hosted cloud service.

7th September 2021

An Empty Mind is a Happy Mind

Stuffing facts and details into the mind is unhealthy. They belong in books and documentation.

6th September 2021

Veganism is inevitable, but not ethical

Finding more efficient ways to feed ourselves will drive population growth and destroy the planet even more.

27th September 2020

Happiness is Bad

It's true.

30th November 2019

LG WK7 ThinQ teardown

Disassembly of the LG WK7 ThinQ.

20th October 2019

The Tech Deities

Worship the Gods of tech

16th July 2018

Do I really need to get out the soldering-iron again?

Listening to music can be difficult in 2018.

17th June 2018

Better speed control for case fans

Most motherboards speed control case fans based on "motherboard temperature". I think this is silly.

03rd June 2018

OMG Ansible!

A first impression of Ansible

27th March 2018

You're next, wolf!

About wolves and boar

26th November 2017

Owned Software vs Servant Software

Do you think your computer is a servant or a slave?

19th November 2017

Android Encryption Screen Locker

On the security of different android screen lockers

22nd October 2017

A response to "The JavaScript Trap"

I disagree with Richard Stallman's article "The JavaScript Trap".

14th October 2017

Computers are stupid

AI is fake. Computers are stupid and will never be intelligent.

12th October 2017

I don't know I can't count them

How to perform extremely basic tasks with a computer.

9th September 2017

Xylon's guide to computer security

My guide to staying secure when using computers.

12th August 2017

How bad is Ubuntu?

Debian's most popular derivative, Ubuntu, is SO BAD! Read why.

29th May 2017

Does Hyper-Threading actually do anything?

I test Hyper-Threading to see what effect it has on real-world performance.

30th April 2017

How I realised “Free Software” is a better term than “Open Source”

I changed my mind again.

28th March 2017

How I realised “Open Source” is a better term than “Free Software”

Defecting to the other side like a traitor heretic.

12th February 2017

Why most software is proprietary

Imagining why most software is proprietary, and a funny badge to use when you publish Free Software.

12th February 2017

How to use Free Software

Practical advice on connecting with the Free Software community and using Free Software.

29th January 2017

A shout-out to LWN 📰

Public discussion differentiates Free Software from proprietary... Support Free Software media by reading LWN!

15th January 2017

Spurn the computer game industry

How the computer games industry forces people onto proprietary platforms and makes them buy expensive hardware.

10th December 2016

An LDO regulator with discrete components

My own design for an LDO regulator.

27th November 2016

The Three Software Freedoms

About the software freedoms and why each of them is important.

27th October 2016

Why technology is bad

Misuse of technology in the modern world, a messy free-for-all with everybody grabbing whatever benefits they can for themselves with no regard for the effects on society.

14th October 2016

The role of Free Software in a world that doesn't care

Accepting that most people reject the Free Software message, what can the Free Software movement contribute to the world?

12th September 2016

On Technology Obscurity

On how software causes the workings of a machine to be particularly obscure. And how to enjoy Free Software to counter this.

6th September 2016

SSL considered bloated

There is, at present, a fashion, or even movement: to put SSL encryption on every single website. Is this really a good idea?

4th September 2016

The writing interest paradox

People who are interested in something are not necessarily the best person to write about it.

18th August 2016

Where has Termux been all my Android life?

Can it be... a terminal setup for Android that doesn't suck?

2nd August 2016

Fear the sun

A poem I wrote.

29th May 2016

Best "Linux distro"

People need to know...

29th May 2016

Computer games

I attempt to analyse the psychological uses and effects of computer games.

7th February 2016

Design and performance of the 1-transistor regulator (re-written)

How to design a good 1-transistor voltage regulator and how it's performance compares to an integrated one.

7th December 2015

Controlling a motorcycle tachometer with a raspberry pi

Making a Raspberry Pi home-server display number of website visitors on an analog motorcycle tachometer.

22nd November 2015

KDE/XFCE hybrid - the greatest DE of all time 😎

Combine the fancy graphics and enormous apps of KDE with the speed and sensible UI of XFCE.

19th May 2015

The truth about cat deterrents 🐱

Are ultra-sonic sirens a great way to deter cats from your garden?

23rd April 2015

"Great" mode vs "Normal" mode

In this article I write about two different "modes" of existance.

13th April 2015

Debunking ridiculous myths about cryptography

An explanation of the main types of cryptography and how they can fail.

14th January 2015

Downloading software on different operating systems ↓

How one finds, chooses and obtains software on different operating systems, hopefully avoiding malware.

14th December 2014

Why the universe exists ✨

Why might an un-created universe exist?

29th November 2014

Year circle ◯

A cool calendar supplement, putting the months of a year on a circle with average temperatures.

16th November 2014

My quibbles with the BBC news website 😡

Could we get shown the most important articles since we last visited rather than just today's news?

30th October 2014

Why you should keep internet-facing software up-to-date

Read how software actually becomes less secure if you don't update it.

30th October 2014

My not-so-mini, not-so-blue-tooth speaker

What does it take to make a blue-tooth mini-speaker have decent sound quality?

25th October 2014

Scooter chassis diagrams

Some diagrams of the type of chassis that a lot of modern scooters use.

25th October 2014

S10 mini speaker bass-boost technology

An analysis of the bass-boost technology in the S10 mini speaker.

22nd October 2014

Why the enclosure of a speaker is important

Did you know that the enclosure of a speaker is more than just a cover?