You're next, wolf!

27th March 2018

Thousands of years ago, when England was natural, wolves and wild boar roamed the forests.

Then humans came. Humans didn't like the wolves and the boar. The wolves killed their sheep. And the boar destroyed their crops. So they cut down all the forests. And they killed all the wolves. And they ate all the wild boar.

Now England is human land. It has all our favourite animals: cats and dogs and cows and sheep. It doesn't have nasty animals we don't like such as wolves and boar.

But then a new creature came to England. It's called capitalism. And capitalism is very picky about what people it likes. It doesn't like people who don't fit in. It doesn't like people who ask questions. Or people who want privacy. Or people who care about ethics or the environment.

The human Kings and Queens and Prime-minsters started to lose their power, and England became capitalism land. It has all capitalism's favourite types of people. Obedient people and people who don't ask questions. People who don't expect privacy. And people who don't care about ethics or the environment.

But it still has some nasty people. The type of people who read this blog. The type of people who dare to insult iPhone. The type of people who repair their stuff instead of replace it. The type of people who think it's not OK that most of our stuff is made in labour-camps.

And those nasty people need to be exterminated. So get ready wolf, you're next!

a cute wolf