Year circle

29th November 2014

Although I think calendars are great, they are not good at showing a long-term view of the whole year. Therefore I drew a circle representing the year. I got average temperatures for where I live from the met office and put them on for each month. The circle is orientated with the coldest month at the top and the warmest at the bottom.

a depiction of the year as a circle, with the average temperature range for each month labelled.

I print it and put it on the wall, and pencil in important events. And to mark where I currently am in the year, I use a sticky triangle made by cutting a post-it note and drawing black borders on it. Every week I move the triangle to the current date.

photo of a printout of the circle on the wall, with events pencilled in.

If you want to print your own, you can download it in PDF format here. If you want to modify it, you can download the XCF file. You will need gimp to open this file. If you are familiar with gimp you will notice that all the writing is separated into layers for easy editing. I think when I was making the image I temporarily super-imposed some circles to help me align the text but I can't remember how I did that.