A shout-out to LWN 📰

29th January 2017

a newspaper clipart

One of the biggest advantages of Free Software is the in-depth public discussion about it's development and technical aspects. This gives it credibility and trustworthiness.

Conversely the lack of such public discussion is one of the main reasons I can't take proprietary software seriously. The idea that I would trust software that no-one (even government) is allowed to properly audit seems absurd to me.

Whilst many Free Software enthusiasts read Hacker News and such, I would like to point out something better!

LWN.net, the online newspaper for Free Software!

It's been around since 1997 but a lot of younger Free Software enthusiasts don't know about it. It provides a weekly edition summarising what's going on in the Free Software world, and also concise daily updates on their homepage.

And it only costs $7 per month! Which is very cheap for a professional publication (much cheaper per day than buying a physical newspaper).

I really think LWN provides a great contribution to Free Software and I encourage Free Software enthusiasts to subscribe!

Edit 3rd April 2017: Tux Machines is cool too!