Best "Linux distro"

29th May 2016

There are hundreds of distributions of the GNU/Linux operating system (often called "Linux distros"). I remember when I first discovered "Linux" about 8 years ago I ran a Google search for "best linux distro". This returned a load of articles saying things like:

Being told that "there is no best Linux distro" or that there's "something for everyone" is hardly helpful. The fact that someone searched for "best linux distro" probably indicates that:

Having found out the hard way which is the best GNU/Linux distribution I now endeavour to write the article I should have found years ago.

The best "Linux distro" (GNU/Linux distribution)

First, a note on terminology

Before I tell my eager reader which is the best "Linux distro" I must touch on a controversial issue of terminology regarding the terms "Linux" vs "GNU/Linux".

The facts

Now, the best GNU/Linux distro is...



So use Debian GNU/Linux and have fun!